Students Learn How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

by Ashley Drane on February 26, 2010 at 12:19 pm

It’s one of healthiest days of the year. At least at Dresden Elementary School.

The students at the elementary school host a Wellness Day every year to support a healthy lifestyle. Intervention teacher Connie Fellers said it’s a day that people in the community help with and students get to learn all about health.

"We have 17 people from the community who are healthcare professionals in one field or another and they are all here giving mini sessions to our kids teaching them all about different concepts of wellness," Fellers said.

The Dresden Fire Department was there and talked about what to do in an emergency and about first aid. Fellers said the kids look forward to wellness day because most of the activities are hands on. Tthey get to taste fruit that is part of healthy eating and they get to sweat to the 80’s which is part of being active. One student said he loves exercising and learning how to be healthy.

"We are learning about fruits and vegetables we did a health walk so we could get exercise we learned about vegetables so we could try them so if we liked them we could learn about them," Dresden Student Keanton Williams said.

Fellers said it’s important to the kids to learn and develop a healthy lifestyle at a young age and hopefully it will carry on. That’s the goal.