SUV Plunges Into Icy Water

by Katie Jeffries on February 6, 2010 at 3:37 am

The snowy roads sent one car over a cliff and into icy waters.

Cews were called to the scene on Grant Cliff Road shortly after 6:00 p.m. after an Envoy went off the road and into Johnathon Creek a witness describes what he saw and how he helped the man escape from the envoy .

"We was coming traveling down the hill and he was traveling the other way we was both going slow and he tapped his brakes and he caught the edge of the road and hit a tree, the tree broke and it continued to roll down the hill," tells witness Joey Creek.

"He (the driver) stated he opened his driver’s side door and ws able to get to the bank.  There was some witnesses who saw the crash happen, threw him a chain and pulled him to the bank,"  says Sheriff Deputy Ryan Paisley.

It was Joey Creek and his friend who called 911 and helped pull the driver to safety. The driver was shaken up but suffered no injuries. The firefighters from the South Zanesville Fire Department suited up in special diving suits to help chain the car so it could be towed from the water. Deputy Paisley says the driver will not be cited for the accident since the weather played a large role in the crash. While the car is a total loss, the driver was lucky to have a quick-thinker like Joey Creeks in the car behind him to help get him to safety.


Katie Jeffries