Too Many Energy Drinks Can Be Dangerous

by Ashley Drane on February 4, 2010 at 1:21 am

Getting a quick jolt of energy from an energy drink is a growing trend.

Now retailers are selling energy drinks with alcohol in them and one local health expert says that’s a dangerous combination.

"If you load your body with a large amount of stimulates that are in energy drinks and a large amount of alcohol which is a depressant that could cause heart failure or lung failure or even death," Gloria Kieffer the Director of Nursing at the Health Department said.

Kieffer explains that it’s a deadly combo because of the mixture of stimulates that increase your heart rate and depressants that slow it down.
She also talked about how too much caffeine in general is bad for you.

"Energy drink containers usually contain more than one serving so you have to read the label carefully and know how much caffeine that you are getting. A serving of an energy drink is about caffeine of one of two cups of strong coffee," Kieffer said.

She said some health problems from having too many energy drinks can be dehydration, insomnia, it can become addicting, can cause a feeling of anxiety, can cause a fast heart rate, and stomach problems. She tells WHIZ those drinks aren’t going to make your brian work well, even though it might give you a quick, temporary pick me up.