Vintage Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

by Ashley Drane on February 12, 2010 at 11:24 am

Valentine’s Day is almost here and a great place to get a romantic gift is the Valentine’s Craft Show.

Vintage jewelry is being featured this year at the Craft and Collectable and Sportcards Show at the Colony Square Mall. Tammy King makes rare and unique jewelry that’ll take you back centuries.

"I have taken old pieces from the 1800’s and forward, and some of my pieces have been produced from six different necklaces. So I have new old pieces," King said.

King said her jewelry isn’t something you can find in a store because some of it dates back 200 years then she will adds new jewels and stones to it to make it something unique and classic. She said she feels old jewelry is romantic because it’s takes you back in time.

"They can buy something that has history and a little romantic to it for their wives or their girlfriends and definitely pass that forward," Kind said.

The Craft Collectable Show is Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 9PM and Sunday from 12PM to 6PM.