What Happens To Seized Drugs?

by Katie Jeffries on February 26, 2010 at 5:42 am

The 921 pound marijuana seizure is the largest in Muskingum County’s recent history. But what does the Sheriff’s Department do with that amount of drugs?

The drugs will be sent to a lab for testing and then secured until the case goes to court. Once the case is closed the judge signs to have the drugs destroyed.

"Our evidence technicians start an evidence chain that has to be signed over to the person that is going to do the destroying.  It has to be witnessed and that stuff is taken out and usually we have used the county home before, as far as, the incinerator that they had a boiler out there and basically we find places to go destroy that stuff," says Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz says on occasion a small amount of drugs is kept for the K-9 unit to use for training. When money from illegal activity or drug money is seized Sheriff Lutz says there are very specific guidelines from federal law makers about how that money can be used for law enforcement.

"We have a local trust fund that is set up for local drug seizures and fines and that stuff has to be spent back on drug prevention or drug enforcement programs," tells Sheriff Lutz.

When it comes to vehicle seizures, Sheriff Lutz says the department decides if the vehicle can be used by law enforcement and if not, it is publicly auctioned off.



Katie Jeffries