Winter Thaw Could Cause Home Flooding

by Audry Kensicki on February 19, 2010 at 3:56 am

With today’s sunshine comes melting of the two feet of snow we received over the past couple of weeks. And that means big problems for some homeowners.

Jim Deam of B-Dry says thawing of this much snow and ice can cause major problems. Water may seep into your home causing water damage or flooding.

"You have an outside footer drain problem," said Deam. "Those outside footer drains would have been installed when the house was built. And then water also can come through the foundation wall. If you have a very high water table or a lot of clay in the soil, which we do here in zanesville, you can get some water coming up through the basement cracks in the floor."

Deam said there are some warning signs before the damage gets to be too serious.

"You’ll see some moisture spots in your block," he said. "You might get some mold at the base of the wall. You’ll see some moisture. That’s a sign you have moisture basically in your foundation wall."

Deam recommends shoveling snow at least four feet away from foundation walls to prevent flooding. Once the water reaches the base of the walls, water proofing will be necessary.