Zanesville Treasurer and Auditor Propose Budget

by Katie Jeffries on February 17, 2010 at 9:10 am

The Zanesville City Auditor and Treasurer proposed their 2010 budget Wednesday night which would eliminate all overtime.

The Zanesville City Treasurer, Paul DuBeck, says in the budget he is proposing there is no money for overtime, training or travel.

"It is a budget that is going to require everybody to watch every nickel and dime that is spent this year as well as next year," says DuBeck.

DuBeck says the budget he and Margo Moyer, the Zanesville City Auditor, are proposing is balanced and eliminates the $2.6 million dollar shortfall. Their proposal does have fundamental differences from the budget proposed by the mayor and Dale Raines, the Zanesville Finance Director.

"I think the budget that Paul and Margo have put together they have limited the best they can. I don’t know if we have eliminated it, but they have limited the number of potential layoffs or potential furlough days. In the mayor’s proposed budget, you may want to talk to the mayor about that, in the mayor’s proposed budget has always put forth the necessity for some layoff days or some furlough days," tells Budget Committee Chairman, David Tarbert.

Though tempers got heated during the meeting, Tarbert says that should happen as people fight for what they believe is best for Zanesville. Now Tarbert will work to bring the two proposals together for a compromise before the budget is made final on April 1st.

"Well we are going to try and get Paul and Margo and Dale together to work on a budget, again their offices are 50 feet apart so I would have hoped they would have been doing that over the last year or so, but I am not comfortable that that has been happening for whatever reason and so I think if once Dale and the mayor have had a chance to review the other proposal, I would like the chance to get the three or four of them together to see if they can come up their own compromise," says Tarbert.

Tarbert also says he is looking into bringing an independent auditor to look at the various departments and overtime to try and streamline operations and save money.


Katie Jeffries