Zanesville’s Plan to Beat the Snow

by Katie Jeffries on February 5, 2010 at 8:58 am

The city of Zanesville has a plan of attack to battle this snow storm.

As soon as it began snowing, Zanesville’s seven plow and salt trucks hit the roads. The main roads will be cleared first and then the side streets.

"It will be salt at first and then if it gets to the 6 to 8 inches they will be plowing. It is the perfect temperature, but it is also a good temperature for the salt to work and the salt works well down into the 20s," says Mayor Howard Zwelling.

The crews will work around the clock Friday and Saturday to keep roads clear for drivers. If you feel your street has been missed
you can call the street department at 740-455-0615. While the snow is coming down pretty fast, Mayor Zwelling is urging citizens to remain calm.

"Well we don’t want to panic, we expect the streets to be in half decent shape.  If it gets to be an overbearing snow storm and power outages and 6 to 8 inches and plowing, stay home if you can, listen to the levels of snow emergencies and abide by them," says Mayor Howard Zwelling.

Zwelling says he has faith in the road crews and Zanesville will make it through this snow storm.


Kaite Jeffries