ZPD Trying to Reach Most Accidents

by Emily Baird on February 15, 2010 at 6:36 am

The Zanesville Police Department says it handled nine car accidents during a four hour period this afternoon.

Lieutenant Tony Coury says none of those were serious injuries. They just caused some minor damage, and he says a few of those were hit and skips.

"I think people are getting used to it being it’s February and we’ve had a lot of snow. They are taking their time and driving is pretty good. Speeds aren’t real quick, " says Coury.

Coury says ZPD is handling as many accidents as it can.

"We try to get to all of them. Right now, we will take the priority, which would be injury accidents and anything that’s blocking a major road-Maple Avenue and State Route 60. We would try to get them out first, " says Coury.

However, he says it can be difficult sometime to get to the scene because the cruisers don’t get around well.