Back to Reality for 2 Local Winners

by Emily Baird on March 7, 2010 at 7:07 am

It was a night of celebration, but it didn’t take long for two young women to get back to their daily routines.

Heidi Negron was named 2010’s Miss Muskingum Valley at Secrest Auditorium, and early this afternoon, she was traveling back to Kent State to write a paper and to study for midterms.

It was the first pageant she had ever taken part in, and she says hearing her named called at the end was surreal.

Negron says she plans on promoting her platform and attending local animal shelters across the area. She also will begin preparing for the Miss Ohio pagent in June.

As for Megan Yocum, she says she’s so excited to be the first Miss Muskingum Valley Outstanding Teen.

It’s the third pageant she’s taken part in, and she says her favorite part of the pageants is always evening wear.

"You pick what’s best for you and what brings out your color and your personality, " says Yocum.

The win didn’t keep Yocum from rehearsal for this year’s Zanie Follies’ show, but she is also looking to the future.

"I definitely plan on getting out in the community and doing several different things along with training for the Miss Ohio pageant, " says Yocum.

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