Benefit Helps Local Cancer Survivor

by Emily Baird on March 20, 2010 at 9:04 am

Kim Schuster has been battling cancer for more than a year, and she just received some great news. The doctors believe she is cancer free.

Schuster just had surgery this past week.

"They removed all the jaw bone and the lymph nodes here. She is supposedly cancer-free. Then they’re going to take a piece of bone from the leg and reconstruct the jaw, " says benefit coordinator, Dave Johnson.

It’s one of many surgeries ahead for Schuster. Her treatment has put a financial strain her husband and two children, especially with the loss of Schuster’s income, and Schuster’s husband has been trying to be by her side through all of this.

"He’s been traveling to Columbus four or five days. You know what it’s like when you fill your gas tank once a week for work. He’s buying five tanks a week, " says Johnson.

So, family and friends are rallying and trying to provide some relief for Schuster and her husband. They held a benefit at the Moose Lodge tonight. Johnson says it was an important event to hold because most people know someone who has been touched by cancer.