George Hiotis

Boil Advisory In New Concord Area

by George Hiotis on March 8, 2010 at 3:00 am

There were water problems in the New Concord area this morning.  Village Officials say a large water main break occurred on State Route 83 and Montgomery Boulevard.  It knocked out service to the north side of New Concord.  Now officials say the break has been repaired and service has been restored.  But a water boil advisory is now in effect for all customers north of Main Street.  They are being advised to boil all their drinking and cooking water before using.  The boil advisory remains in effect until further notice.  More information will be released Wednesday when testing is completed.  Customers on Main Street and to the south do not need to boil their water before using.The outage forced the closing of Muskingum University and East Muskingum Schools.