Budget Committee Makes Recommendations

by Katie Jeffries on March 3, 2010 at 9:26 am

The city of Zanesville Budget Committee is making decisions on what recommendations they will give to the Budget and Finance Director to be presented to City Council.

Mayor Butch Zwelling and Budget and Finance Director, Dale Raines, presented revised budget options to the Budget Committee Wednesday night. The Budget Committee voted to recommend the option that had zero furlough days. Committee Chairman, David Tarbert, says this is not a guarantee, but is desired by city employees and City Council members.

"There is enough carry over in the budget, there is enough fluff in some of the budgets at this point that we may be able to trim those budgets down and eliminate those furlough days," says Tarbert.

The Revised Budge Options recommended by the Budget Committee are as follows:

1) 0 Furlough Days: uses $353,000 of "Contingency" money in General Fund; returns $149,262 to a restricted account in the General Fund
            a) No funding for currently vacant Fire Fighter (3), Police Officer (1), Maintenance Worker (1) and Income Tax Positions (2)
            b) No replacement of person promoted to Cemetery/ Parks Sup’t
           c) Generally keep existing budgets in place with half of previous year’s overtime & discretionary spending
           d) Funding of Building & Maintenance Division for full year at current 20 hour schedule
           e) Deposit of all net jail .2% income tax into the Jail Fund

Chairman Tarbert says for the fire division to access the $149,262 moved to the restricted account, the department would have to come before council to request the funds.

"We wouldn’t be taking money necessarily from the fire department levy, we would just not be subsidizing the fire department as much in future years from the general funds," tells Tarbert.

The Budget Committee recommended self insurance stay the same, but a close eye be kept on it.  Mayor Zwelling suggested mandatory tax filing for people living in the city and working elsewhere as a way of generating income for the city.

The Budget and Finance Director, Dale Raines, will now create a new budget with the committee’s recommendations.



Katie Jeffries