Calamity Days Going from 5 to 3

by Emily Baird on March 2, 2010 at 5:08 am

School districts across the area are busy scheduling make-up days because they have passed the five calamity days the state allows them each year.

However, all Ohio schools will lose two of those calamity days next year, as the state tries to phase them out completely by the 2011-2012 academic school year.

"We will adjust to that. We’ll just have to look at our calendar and talk with our unions to see which direction we want to go in. If that’s all we have, then we’ll just have to make up the days if we go past the three, " says Kevin Appleman of Zanesville City Schools.

Appleman says he hasn’t gotten any complaints from students, staff, or parents yet on the matter.

"Probably after missing 10 days that we have now, parents would like that because they want them in school. It’s so important that a student gets a good education in this day," says Appleman.

Appleman does want to assure parents that the school district has the safety of students and faculty in mind, and it will call off school if it feels necessary, despite the number of calamity days that are available.