Cambridge City Parks May See Cameras

by Audry Kensicki on March 24, 2010 at 9:52 am

The city of Cambridge may soon see some changes to its city park.

At a recent city council meeting, Cambridge Mayor Tom Orr suggested the city add something new to the city park, security cameras.

"You don’t want to promote bad things in your community," he said. "We have a great community, but unfortunately we’ve had reckless operation of vehicles in the traffic patterns, which could hurt a pedestrian, especially with the children. It’s the children and the constituents we want to protect."

Mayor Orr says drug paraphenalia has also been found throughout the park.

"I think it happens in every city, it just becomes a place where you’ve got to get past it," said Orr. "This may be a way to curb some of that."

Local residents who frequent the park seem to agree with the mayor.

"I think it’s a good thing," said Cambridge resident Linda Glosser. "This is a very well-used park. A lot of people come here. We do occasionally have some vandalism and with so many kids and the way they’re building it up, that it’s really a great idea."

But others aren’t so sure.

"I could see how that could be a good thing," said Alicia Clevenger. "Then again there’s the issue of overzealous security. There’s a lot of that going around in America right now, but I don’t know."

The idea will be dealt with by the parks board. A decision will be made after bids have gone out and research is done on the possible project.

Mayor Orr said the city will pay for the cameras using Gus Macker and other funds.