Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery

by Katie Jeffries on March 12, 2010 at 6:14 am

The days are getting longer and that means this Saturday night you will set your clocks forward an hour before you go to bed.

As you are changing your clocks, fire departments across the United States are urging residents to also change their smoke detector batteries.

"It is also a good time while you are in the process of changing that battery, go ahead and maybe take a vacuum cleaner and go over the unit and any cob webs or dust or anything that may have gotten inside can be removed and improve the efficiency of it," says Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy.

Chief Lacy says the department has responded to numerous fires where if the family had a working smoke detector, the damage would not have been as bad.

"It is very frustrating to us, not only do they not have a working smoke detector, but a lot of time we find they don’t even have a detector at all and we feel that is inexcusable. We have had a program in place since 1989 where if someone can’t afford a detector they can come in and pick one up," says Chief Lacy.

So as you change your clocks, check your smoke detectors or drop by the Zanesville fire department to pick up a free detector for your home.



Katie Jeffries