City of Zanesville Budget In Place

by Audry Kensicki on March 22, 2010 at 9:43 am

The City of Zanesville will now be able to pull from a finalized budget for the year 2010.

The ordinance outlining the budget passed unanimously at city council this evening.

"We’re not out of the woods yet," said City Council President Dan Vincent. "These need to be continued to be looked at. Adjustments will have to be made along the way. Now there is a concern as far as comp time and how that’s going to fan out."

Vincent said the overtime is down for the city, however the compensation time is up. He said that could be a problem down the road and could be a problem for the city in the long run.

Vincent said it is a relief to some on council to have the budget in place, however not everyone is completely happy with it.

Also at council, an ordinance passed in regards to settling a lawsuit against Carol Goff, the owner of the Freight Shops at 131 Market Street downtown.

Vincent said after the city sold the property to goff, there was a stipulation the building must have improvements made to it. According to Vincent, Goff invested $60,000 dollars into the building, but it still isn’t up to code.

"What [council is] looking at is, what is best for the city," he said. "What’s going to be the least expensive in this lawsuit. It’s felt the settlement would be better. The city would be better off there."

Council voted to enter into a settlement agreement with Goff, essentially taking back the property and a $20,000 dollar lien, which will be paid back to century national bank in ten years or when the building is sold.