Dirt Racers Support a Good Cause

by Katie Jeffries on March 14, 2010 at 8:05 am

Race car drivers gave fans an up close and personal look at their dirt racers this weekend to support a good cause.

Around thirty cars participated in the 14th Annual Muskingum County Speedway Car Show at the Colony Square Mall. All of the proceeds from the car show are going to support the local American Red Cross. In addition to helping the red cross the drivers are also looking to attract more sponsors.

"That is the goal of a lot of the drivers and a lot of them already have sponsors, so they put their car on display so a lot of people can see it and may be someone might want to sponsor it someday," tells coordinator, Brenda Moran.

Race car owner and driver, Robert Flanagan, says the excitement of the race is what draws people to the speedway and the drivers feel that same excitement when they hit the track.

"Just getting out there and feeling the power of the motors and trying to win a race," tells Flanagan.

The car show raised around $1,000 for the American Red Cross. If you want to see these cars in action, the Muskingum County Speedway opens April 24th.