Disaster Drill Evaluated

by Katie Jeffries on March 18, 2010 at 6:52 am

Every move the first responders made during the drill was monitored by evaluators.

The evaluators are from other county’s emergency management agencies and from the state. The evaluators say this is the time for responders to make mistakes and Muskingum County has a few things to work on.

"A little bit of procedural issues, staying out of the hot zone, which is where the chemical is most likely to injure you unless you are fully covered, in this case, Level A protective gear," says Rick Warren an evaluator and field liaison.

Warren says overall Muskingum County did very well with their full scale disaster. Director of the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency, Bo Keck, says he is very pleased with the way first responders handled the drill and will work to fix any mistakes made.

"I don’t know that I saw much to be fixed, everybody played well and now we will go inside here in a minute and hear what the evaluators have to say.  We have found a couple little things, at EOC (Emergency Operations Center) we needed runners and things like that. Other than that everything seemed to go very well," says Keck.

Muskingum County Commissioners also observed the drill. Jerry Lavy and Brian Hill watched the drill at the site, while John Bates observed the drill from the Emergency Operations Center.

"I think it was very good for all the team players that were involved and they did a professional job and I think we will be evaluated and I think we will come out alright," says Bates.

Evaluators say the first responders moved realistically and were right on target with taking around three hours to deal with the spill. Keck says the drill gave everyone a good insight on how things will work in the case of a real disaster.



Katie Jeffries