High Water in Morgan County

by Katie Jeffries on March 14, 2010 at 7:56 am

With the rain from this weekend, one county is noticing the river creeping up to their doorstep.

Residents in Morgan County are no stranger to floods. While the Muskingum River is not at flood stage yet, it is getting very close to homes and roads near the river. Morgan County resident, Hope Holbrook, says she is not worried about the river yet, but has noticed the high water level and strong current.

"I think the boat ramp down there, it is probably flooded down there, because it is getting really high because first the snow melts and then the ice melts and then the rain comes, so if we get another rain I think it will be flooding the roads," says Holbrook.

Dustie Mendenhall has lived in Morgan County her whole life and says residents take flooding in stride and are not overly concerned when roads become covered in water.

"They just drive through it, some people go up around the hill and come down Buttermilk and stuff, but most people drive through it, they don’t care," says Mendenhall.

Mendenhall and Holbrook both say people who live on the riverbank are very familiar with the river so they know when and if they should leave their homes for higher ground.


Katie Jeffries