Illegal Burning Issue in Zanesville

by Emily Baird on March 23, 2010 at 6:52 am

It is illegal to do any open burning within the city of Zanesville, but that warning isn’t stopping people.

"We had numerous calls over the weekend. I think people were out trying to clean their yards up. We had a rough winter with a lot of limbs, branches, and things like that down. So, people were trying to beautify their property, " says Zanesville Fire Chief, Dave Lacy.

Lacy says going on illegal burns eats up the fire department’s time and potentially takes them away from more important calls. He says firefighters don’t want to be the "bad guys," they just want to keep citizens safe.

"It’s not only the nuisance that you have from the smoke, but the possibility that materials can fly out of that fire and get something else unintended on fire, " says Lacy.

That fire can then spread to other properties and cause more safety hazards or a bigger burn that encompass a wide area.