Jaycees Donation Will Keep Police and Fire Fighters Fit and Trim

by Katie Jeffries on March 19, 2010 at 5:59 am

A local organization is making sure Zanesville fire fighters and police officers are in prime condition.

The Zanesville Jaycees are donating a brand new treadmill to the Zanesville police and fire department gym. The Jaycees got the idea for the treadmill after donating a taser gun to the police department in Feburary.

"After that was done we just let them know anything they ever need we have money.  We can donate anything they need and they have a treadmill here that is about to hit the road, so they said they would need a new treadmill," tells Matt Joseph with the Jaycees.

Joseph says the Jaycees got the treadmill at a great discount from Dunhams. Zanesville fire fighter, Ed Roberts, says the officers and fire fighters are excited to try out the new machine. Staying fit is important in their jobs, but is also good for their health.

"I know for firefighters heart disease is one of the leading causes of on duty death and out on fire scenes out on a fire scene so having the tools here at work is important for all of us," Roberts.

The Jaycees raised money for the treadmill from the Stars and Stripes fundraiser and community donations.


Katie Jeffries