Kasich Visits New Lexington

by Katie Jeffries on March 27, 2010 at 6:06 am

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, John Kasich, met with locals in New Lexington Saturday afternoon.

He took questions from the audience and listened to their concerns. Kasich has served in Congress for 18 years and after a ten year break, he is getting back into the political scene.

"I am getting back into it because I think I can help the state.  I think I know being in business for ten years, the government and balancing the federal budget and helping to create jobs here, we can do it here," told Kasich.

He says he frequently hears concerns about jobs when visiting Ohio counties and small businesses are ‘the engine of economic growth’. Many residents in attendance say they own or are reliant upon small businesses and are currently taking a beating by the economy.

"If your a small business person, any body here a small business? (Hands raise in the room), ok I know where your coming from, they will tell you that if the taxes were lower it would go to the bottom line," said Kasich.

Kasich also proposes he would put together a program to bring down the barriers such as regulations, lawsuits and fixing workers compensation to help small businesses in our area and all of Ohio.

To learn more about John Kasich go to the "Kasich Website" link above.



Katie Jeffries