Muskingum County Applying for Grants

by Katie Jeffries on March 25, 2010 at 6:56 am

Muskingum County is applying to bring more money to our area.

Community Development Director, Sheila Samson, went before the Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday to update them on the different grants the county is currently working on.

"We are actually applying for the 2010 CHIP grants, our community housing improvements, applying for a $500,000 and I just gave them an update on the different activities which we have private owner rehabilitation, home repair repair, tenant based rental assistance and emergency monthly housing payments," says Samson.

Samson says the county is applying for more grants this year than last year. With the economic downturn, many people don’t have money for emergency repairs on their homes.

"The CHIP grant is very important because it helps people sustain maintenance on their homes," tells Samson.

Samson says the county is also applying for a 2010 Formula grant for infrastructure. Samson says the county will find out if they will receive the CHIP and Formula grants in late summer.



Katie Jeffries