Nice Weather Bringing out Motorcycles

by Emily Baird on March 8, 2010 at 8:17 am

The nice weather is also prompting some local residents to take their motorcycles out of storage, but Finks Harley Davidson offers a few suggestions before taking to the road.

A top priority is checking your battery.

"After sitting all winter, if they haven’t had a trickle charge, a lot of the time, they’re batteries are down. They may need to slow charge them and sometimes they have to replace those, " says Fink Harley Davidson co-owner, Julie Brown.

It’s also a good idea to monitor your tire pressure, oil, and fluid levels, and Brown says you should probably take it easy while driving on the roads too.

"There’s still a lot of cinders out on the roads. There’s still a lot of salt. There’s a lot of grim on the road. Be really careful in the corners and things with the cinders. It gets easy to lose control, " says Brown.

That salt could also ruin the chrome on your motorcycle, so Brown suggests washing it more frequently during the first couple months of spring.