Nursing Is More Than A Paycheck

by Katie Jeffries on March 4, 2010 at 6:29 am

Being a nurse is more than just earning a paycheck.

That simple message is what orthopedic nurse, Cynthia Limburgh, wanted to impart to the public Thursday at the Ohio University- Zanesville Campus. She says she wants to empower and motivate students as to how they can make a difference everyday in someone’s life.

"By watching people in their nursing careers, how they are taking care of people by wiping the brow of someone who is fevered or by holding the hand of someone who is dying, by being there and encouraging people that are going through the experience of a dying loved one," says Cynthia Limburgh.

Limburgh accompanied the Zanesville Surgical Group three times to Haiti prior to the January 12th earthquake. While in Haiti, she and the doctors provided surgical services to the people of Haiti. She says being a nurse is rewarding and humbling when you see how you have touched a person’s life.

"Sometimes you feel like you are just one person and how can you make a difference and you realize you have made a difference when they look back at you and they say ‘thank you’ and they have nothing to give you back, your not asking for anything back in return, you realize that you did make a difference in that person life," says Limburgh.

OUZ students took on Limburgh’s message and held a pizza sale Thursday with all the money going to the clinic Limburgh and the doctors worked at during their trips to Haiti.


Katie Jeffries