Possibly Eliminating Saturday Deliveries

by Emily Baird on March 10, 2010 at 7:39 am

Taking a trip to your mailbox on Saturdays could become a thing of the past. The United States Postal Service is in the initial stages of discussing the elimination of Saturday deliveries.

"We have to run an organization and stay viable for the future. We have to eliminate cost somewhere, " says Zanesville Postmaster, Steve Williams.

The volume of mail going through post offices across the country has declined over the past several Postmaster Williams says it’s a drop of about 20 percent, and that number continues to rise.

"A lot of people are paying their bills online along with sending text messages and email’s instead of writing a letter," says Postmaster Williams.

If passed, it’s a decision that will directly impact postal employees.

"There would be a reduction in how many carriers we need and how many clerks, " says Postmaster Williams.

So how are mail recipients reacting to this potential situation?

"For me, I don’t have a problem with it. They do it in Canada. I think 5 days a week is enough. I’m all for it if it saves money, " says Michigan resident Esther Bernowski.

"It would hinder people like me that depend on their checks that come, even though they’re direct deposit. Also, magazines, I get a lot of my magazines on Saturday, " says Zanesville resident Audrey Davis.

Davis added something that most of us can relate to.

"It’s something that we’re used to. It’s kind of like when I grew up, banks were always closed on Saturday. Now, they’re open. It’s something you can get used to, " says Davis.

Postmaster Williams wants to make sure people understand the issue at hand. The US Postal Service is only discussing the elimination of Saturday deliveries.

"I want to reassure everybody that the post offices will be open on Saturdays for you to come in and pick up your packages, to buy stamps, and stuff like that, " says Postmaster Williams.

Congress will now begin looking over the issue. Postmaster Williams says he anticipates it will become a heated debate on Capitol Hill.