Potholes Causing Alignment Problems

by Emily Baird on March 17, 2010 at 4:45 am

As the weather warms, drivers are dealing with more potholes on the roads, and these bumpy inconveniences can cause major damage to your car.

"It will definitely knock the alignment out on a car if you hit a big enough pothole. It can also damage the tires and wheels, " says Joe O’Donnell of Dutro Ford Lincoln Mercury Nissan.

He says there’s been a steady flow of drivers coming through who need to have their alignments fixed.

Drivers should be able to tell if they are having that problem with their cars.

"If you notice the car pulling one way or the other-left or right. Sometimes you can also tell by the feel of the steering wheel and if your steering wheel is off center some, " says O’Donnell.

It will cost you anywhere from about 70 to 100 dollars to get your alignment fixed.

O’Donnell suggests getting it checked once a year, usually when you go to get your oil changed or tires rotated.