Randles New Executive Director of ZMHA

by Katie Jeffries on March 26, 2010 at 5:52 am

The board of commissioners for the Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority has uniamously approved the hiring of a new executive director.

Steven Randles will officially begin his duties April first. Randles says he is pleased and excited to have the position and he and the board have a vision to build upon ZMHA.

"With sustaining livable neighborhoods that are inviting and attractive and maintaining our status as a high performer in the eyes of HUD (Housing and Urban Development)," says Steven Randles.

Randles has been ZMHA’s Deputy Director since March of 2006. He had served on an interim basis since last October when the board fired Phil Allen who had been arrested on a drug charge. Randles says what happened with Allen was an anomaly.

"I know that is something that had some interest at least for some time, but when you look at the services we provide and the work that we do with folks, that is what really stands the test of time and where we want to make our mark as we go forward," says Randles.

The ZMHA currently has 674 units of public housing and more than 900 housing choice vouchers. Randles says the high occupancy rate suggests there is a greater need, so he will look to see if there is a need to develop additional housing in the area.