Register for Kindergarten

by Emily Baird on March 29, 2010 at 6:19 am

Zanesville parents, it’s time to register your child for kindergarten.

You can do so tomorrow through Thursday at the Zanesville City Schools building on 4th Street from three to seven p.m.

The district wants to get an idea on how many children to expect for next year.

"It helps us prepare all the classrooms. How many classrooms do we need here? How many classrooms do we need in the south? It’ll just help us, " says Kevin Appleman of Zanesville City Schools.

You can register your child as long as he or she will be five-years-of-age by August 1st. When you come to register, you do need to remember to bring your child’s registered birth certificate, social security card, immunization records, proof of residency, and custody papers.

It’s also a time for parents to ask questions.

"Where they live, they don’t know which school they are going to. So, that’s the main question. Are my shots updated? Do I have the right birth certificate? " says Appleman.

Appleman says you don’t have to bring the child with you to fill out the paperwork. The entire process should take each parent about a half hour.