Starlight Students Help Commissioners

by Katie Jeffries on March 11, 2010 at 6:55 am

Students at Starlight School now have a new project.

Starlight Industries and the Muskingum County Commissioners entered into a contract Thursday to have Starlight students convert records from the 1800s into micro-films.

"The information will be preserved in a better format than the books should something happen as every year paper disintegrates or whatever, so we had entered into a contract to help supply and help with that," says Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

Lavy says they got the idea from a similar program in Lucas County that is very successful and employed several people from the program. Lavy says the Starlight students are excited for the new program.

"I know Starlight industries are excited to help us out and it is a contract through the end of this year and at that time we will review it to see if we want to extend it, but it will help our records department and the county as well," says Lavy.

The program is being paid for through fees from the Clerk of Courts and no money will come out of the county’s general fund.


Katie Jeffries