Students Aim For Nationals

by Katie Jeffries on March 14, 2010 at 7:58 am

Maysville students are taking aim for a national competition.

Proud parents and members of the community stopped by Maysville High School Sunday afternoon for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help send the Maysville archery team to nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. Coach, Chris Skinner, says the team is made up of an impressive crop of students.

"I think these kids are self motivated, I don’t think anybody in the state or even anybody in the country practices as hard as these kids, they are self motivated, they are students first before they are archers, they have got their priorities straight, they know why they are here and most of all they have fun shooting archery," says Skinner.

Archery has already paid off for one young student. Tyler Finley is only in the 7th grade, but already has a full scholarship to Hocking College after he won a shoot-out at an archery competition. He says archery and Coach Skinner have taught him many life lessons.

"Keep good grades, keep a good attitude, every arrow counts, don’t let something bother you," says Finley.

The archers and Coach Skinner are hoping to raise $3,000 Sunday to fund their nationals trip. Team Captain, Adrian Sprankle, says the community’s support means the world to the team.

"Oh this is wonderful!  They support us more than I could ever think of anyone else supporting us, they donate their money and their time mainly and they make sure and get what we need to do," tells Sprankle.

The Maysville Middle and High School teams are both champions, but the high school team is the overall state champion. Nationals is scheduled for May 7th and 8th.


Katie Jeffries