Students Helping Saturday’s Gardening Symposium

by Ashley Drane on March 2, 2010 at 1:43 am

Some local kids are finding creative ways to get ready for spring.

Maysville students are busy painting rain barrels for the Spring Fever Gardening Symposium this Saturday. They are learning about water conservation and why it’s important. A member of the Muskingum Valley Garden Society Kathy Mohler said the barrels will be auctioned off at the symposium this weekend.

"This is where we have guest speakers come in and kinda get everyone excited about spring plants giving us all good ideas on what to do in our gardens and this year we do have some really good speakers coming in and there will be a lot of venders that will be apart of that as well," Mohler said.

Molher said the students had a lot of fun decorating the barrels, learning about gardening, and how important water is to our environment. Fourth grader Gable Connors said it was fun painting and learning about plants.

"To collect water and reuse it. To help you water your plants and other things," Connors said.

Mohler said the money made on barrels goes right back into the community weather it’s planting trees or shrubs.

This Saturday’s Spring Fever Gardening Symposium takes place at the Campus Center of Ohio University Zanesville  It runs from

7:30 am until 1:30 pm.  Pre-registration is 12 dollars.  It is 15 dollars at the door.  Gardening professionals, guest speakers and vendors will take part in the event. 

For more information go to this website…