Students Show Off Work and Meet Local Heroes

by Katie Jeffries on March 5, 2010 at 5:30 am

Friday was a chance for students at the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center to show off their hard work.

It’s Student Performance Day and around 25 students showed off their Olympic themed projects to classmates and their proud parents.

"Every year we try to showcase student work and this year we used an Olympic theme, the Winter Olympics, initially it was supposed to kick off the Olympics, but with all the snow days it has become a post Olympic celebration," says Patti Logan a multiple disabilities teacher.

The students did research projects, learned the different customs and made foods from various countries.

"We made a recipe actually, orange custard," says student, Chris Spence.

The students were also excited by a surprise visit from Officer Mike Schiele and his K-9 Bosco.

"They baked brownies and had a little bake sale to raise money to help Bosco recover from his injuries," says Logan.

The students raised $89 for Bosco’s recovery and Officer Schiele thanked them for their help. Each of the students got to pet Bosco and have their pictures taken with him and Officer Schiele.



Katie Jeffries