Voicing Opinions over Healthcare

by Emily Baird on March 16, 2010 at 5:33 am

Some local residents are voicing their opinions about the healthcare bill and how they want Congressman Zack Space to vote.

The Zanesville Tea Party held a protest in downtown Zanesville today outside of Space’s office. Organizer, Kay Clymer, says it’s an issue that will inevitably affect everyone.

"What really concerns me is when young people say, ‘I don’t care.’ We want to educate people. You have a right to vote however you want, and you have your opinions, but you at least have to have an opinion, " says Clymer.

Nashport resident Lisa Havens says she wants Space to hear her opinion loud and clearly.

"I don’t want the government to run healthcare. Healthcare should be run by the private sector. I do not want to pay higher insurance costs. I can’t afford higher medical bills. I can’t afford to pay higher taxes. That’s why I’m here, " says Havens.

WHIZ tried to contact Space about his opinion concerning the healthcare bill and today’s protest but he didn’t respond.

The Zanesville Tea Party plans to hold another protest outside Space’s office tomorrow.