‘Wylie the Walleye’ Appears in Court

by Katie Jeffries on March 26, 2010 at 5:42 am

‘Wylie the Walleye’ made his first appearance in Zanesville Municipal Court Friday.

The full body fish suit was donned by Judge Bill Joseph as he antied up to a bet with Judge Fritz Hany of Ottawa County. The judges made the friendly wager on the outcome of the Blue Devils versus Red Skins basketball game. If Zanesville had won, Judge Hany would have had to wear a Blue Devils cheerleading uniform. Judge Joseph said Hany was at his court bright and early this morning with the fish suit and there was some gloating.

"He tried not to," laughed Judge Joseph,"he is a good guy, good natured, but when I showed him the cheerleader outfit I had ready for him he was very happy that they won by one point and that I had to wear the suit rather than him."

Judge Joseph said while he didn’t like wearing the suit because it was stuffy, he really hated to wear it because it meant the Blue Devils season was over. But he says he thinks the boys should hold their heads high and they had a great run.

"I went to see them as many times as I could and I think they had a good team, but I think myself and a lot of other people really did not expect to see them, you know, it is hard to expect to see a team in Columbus in the final four, not many teams make it," says Judge Joseph.

Judge Joseph says the bet was all in good fun and he would be happy to make a wager again next year.



Katie Jeffries