YMCA Recipient Focuses on Healthcare

by Emily Baird on March 30, 2010 at 5:36 am

This week’s YMCA "Women of Achievement" recipient has a constant presence at the gym.

Genesis Lifestyle and Fitness Director, Beth Chapman, says both the nomination and recognition came as a shock to her.

"Being in the Zanesville area for 16 years plus, I’ve really been able to learn a lot about the community but also about the people. I really enjoy the community and being part of healthcare is where I really enjoy the work, " says Chapman.

Chapman says the best thing about her job is helping people obtain their highest point of wellness. She says she’s looking forward to receiving the award.

"I’m very honored to be able to speak in front of friends and family and to accept the award. It’s going to be a little bit weird being a recipient of the award because I enjoy doing things because I like to do them, " says Chapman.

The YMCA "Women of Achievement" banquet will be held next month.