Zanesville Memorial Band Needs Support

by Ashley Drane on March 15, 2010 at 1:26 am

This band has put on concerts for more than 90 years and now they need the community’s support.

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band has been performming  free concerts Muskingum county since 1923. Board Member Jennifer Roquemore said they need financial help.

"The commissioners each year provide us with funds that we need in order for the Zanesville Memorial Band to continue that is only part of the funds that we receive. Part of them are from contributions we also have a couple of foundations that provides us with funds but the commissioners each year give us some money based upon what they can give and so we’re hoping that this year they will be able to continue that," Roquemore said.

The commissioners said they would consider the request. Roquemore said the band is a good thing for the community and they perform a huge variety of music.

"I think they enjoy this particular group they are very professional they have a lot of professional persons and then a lot of persons have been playing a long time and are just really good at what they do so for about the 50 people that play they do a really nice job," Roquemore said.

Roquemore said it’s nice that people can go out on a Sunday afternoon to a park and listen to great music for free.