ZHS Sends Off Players In Style

by Katie Jeffries on March 25, 2010 at 6:40 am

On Thursday night Zanesville Blue Devils will face off against the Port Clinton Redskins in state final four game.

To send the basketball players off in style, Zanesville High School students geared up for the game with a raucous pep rally. The band lead the cheering students throughout the school and into Winland gymnasium. School officials say all the support means a lot to the team.

"Zanesville is still a kind of community where you roll up on the sidewalks and people will support your school and the kids and that enthusiasm really carries over to our players," says Zanesville Head Coach Scott Aronhalt.

"I think the school’s support really means a lot and not just the school support, but the community support as well.  They realize they are representing not only the school, but the community at large so they are really excited and I know everybody has jumped on board and has really been supportive," says Principal Mark Ulbrich.

The Zanesville Blue Devils have not been to the final four since 1997. This is the third time Coach Aronhalt has taken a team to the final four and he says the strategy is to stay calm.

"The number one thing that we need to do is understand we need to play within ourselves. We don’t need to do anything spectacular, guys just have to make solid plays and do the things we have done all year," says Aronhalt.

Principal Ulbrich says this experience has really meant a lot to the players and the school since this is the last year in the building and this could possibly be the last pep rally in Winland gymnasium.



Katie Jeffries