13-Year Old Boy Charged in Death of Brother

by Audry Kensicki on April 26, 2010 at 8:17 am

Thirteen-year old Michael Roger Hulsey, Jr., is charged with two counts in connection with the death of his three-year old brother.

Charges were filed this morning by the Muskingum County Prosecuter’s Office in the death of Shannon Michael Harrop Jr.

"The first count is a charge is a count of reckless homicide. That’s a felony of the third degree," said Muskingum County Prosecutor Mike Haddox. "that count contains a gun specification alleging that Hulsey, who is 13, had a firearm on or about his person or under his control when committing the offense."

The second count is of possession of drugs. It alleges Hulsey did knowingly obtain, possess or use Xanax, which is a schedule four controlled substance. That charge is a first degree misdemeanor.

"He is facing a commitment to the Department of Youth Services for a minimum of six months up to the age of 21," said Haddox. "That is for the reckless homicide charge. Additionally the gun specification provides and additional committment of one to three years that would be served consecutively.

The shooting is still under investigation and Haddox said more charges could be filed.

"As you well know this happened just a few days ago and there is been an investigation that has been conducted," said Haddox. "This morning we filed this complaint on the juvenile, but I’m not going to say that doesn’t mean we won’t potentially be filing on some adults."

A court date has not yet been set.