2010 State of the City: Cautious Optimisim

by Audry Kensicki on April 12, 2010 at 8:53 am

Cautious optimism is what Zanesville Mayor Howard "Butch" Zwelling says is the best outlook for the city for 2010.

Tonight at city council the mayor addressed the problems and good things facing the city.

"The reality is, we’ve had problems with Longaberger layoffs, Lear going to Mexico and the recent problems at Mattingly Foods," said Zwelling. "On the plus side, the Port Authority has done a great job bringing Avon, Bilco, Amco. And thank God for that. It’s kind of balanced that out."

Mayor Zwelling is looking forward to the new Port Authority Director Mike Jacoby. He is set to start next week.

The mayor says the city is keeping an eye on overtime and working closely with the budget committee.

"We’re watching everything," he said. "The budget commission is going to meet every couple of months, we’re going to get a chance to answer their questions, and show them what we’re doing. Showing the progress we’re making. We’re monitoring everything."

Overall the mayor is looking positively toward the end of 2010. He says there may be some big announcements on their way.