Nichole Hannahs

AEP Paying for Your Old Fridge

by Nichole Hannahs on April 24, 2010 at 5:16 am

Next month American Electric Power is paying you for your refrigerators.

During the month of May AEP will send you a $50 check to haul away and recycle your old fridge.

"If you call us and make an appointment at a convenient 1-800 number we’ll come pick it up and send a check for $50," explained Education and Training Coordinator for AEP of Ohio Sherry Hubbard. "The nice thing is 98 percent of the components in that refrigerator can be recycled and it won’t end up back on the grid."

The Electric Company is also encouraging residents to switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs which save energy and money on your electric bill.

"They use a fourth of the energy to produce the same light and output," said Hubbard. "The great thing about compact fluorescent is that they take energy and turn them into light and not so much heat which is what happens with a less efficient incandescent bulb."

Remember fluorescent lightbulbs can’t be thrown into the trash and must be recycled due to a small amount of Mercury in them. And if you are interested in scheduling an appointment to have your fridge picked up call 1-877-545-4112.