Big Changes Coming To Genesis Healthcare System

by Katie Jeffries on April 2, 2010 at 6:34 am

Big changes are coming to Genesis as it works to gain its trauma certification.

When tragedy strikes, residents have to be flown to Columbus to have their traumatic injuries treated, but that is all about to change.

"It is really an opportunity, more than anything else, to keep members of our community here in our community hospital," says Alan Vierling, Genesis Chief Operating Officer.

Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital is re-vamping their trauma department and working to become trauma certified by next year. To lead the way, Genesis has brought in Dr. Stuart Chow from Grant Medical Center.

"We have the facilities here and the resources here to take care of a trauma patient already, we just need to revamp it, reorganize and be prepared," says Dr. Chow.

Trauma care is a team effort, so much of the work will be re-educating the staff on the flow of taking care of the patient.  So soon, the injured will not need to be flown to Columbus. Instead, they will be taken care of by members of their own community.

"What a greater thing to know the nurse taking care of you is the same person you go to church with, that personal connection you can never get in Columbus but you can get that everyday right here," says Vierling.

In mid-July Genesis will have their first consultative visit from trauma surveyors with the American College of Surgery. About two weeks after that Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital will begin accepting trauma patients. Then in nine months the American College of Surgeons will visit again and Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital will be designated a trauma center.

"Everyone is excited about trauma at Genesis and so it is exciting, to have this feeling where everyone is in the same boat and we are all rowing toward the same destination," says Dr. Chow.