Boy Uses His Birthday to Help Animals

by Katie Jeffries on April 20, 2010 at 7:17 am

A little boy wanted something unusual for his birthday.

Instead of presents, nine-year-old Kyle Wilson wanted his friends to bring things to donate to the animal shelter.

" We know that the animal shelter is running low and they need more food," tells Kyle.

Kyle’s mother, Erin, says he came up with the idea all by himself. She says Kyle loves animals and is such a warm-hearted boy she wasn’t surprised when he decided to do this. The family has donated three kittens to the Mukingum County Animal Shelter in the past and adopted two cats and a dog. Erin says the other parents thought it was a great idea.

"Oh they just feel in love with it. They said, maybe we can get our kid to do that, which is good because anything can help the animal shelter," says Erin Wilson.

Kyle and his mom will be volunteering at the animal shelter this summer and Kyle hopes to have a lemonade sale sometime in August and donate all of that money also to the Muskingum County Animal Shelter.