Brush Fire Burns Acres of Land in Philo

by Katie Jeffries on April 2, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Almost every fire department in Muskingum county responded to a massive brush fire in Philo shortly after 6 :15 Thursday evening.

The wind was not on their side as firefighters worked quickly to put out a brush fire that burned across a field and into the surrounding woods. Barely missing a diesel fuel tank.

"Well what had happened, we are not sure how the fire started, but it appears the gas line fueled it and of course the wind helped spread it," says Fire Chief Joe Wilson with the Harrison Township Fire Department.

A brush fire can spread very quickly. In addition to the burning through grass and trees, the wind can help blow the fire across many acres.

"There’s probably anywhere from five to eight acres that has been burnt," tells Wilson.

Fighting a brush fire can be difficult, firefighters must be aware of their surroundings at all times to make sure the grass and trees around them don’t catch fire. Then they work to put out all the hot spots.

"You’ll see guys out there on foot carrying Indian packs and shovels and that is basically how we do it," says Wilson.

The cause of the brush fire is undetermined, but Harrison Township EMS Assistant Squad Chief Rick Bennett says they saw three separate fire burning upon arrival and this is one of the largest brush fires he has seen in a while.