C-Section Rates Dropping

by Audry Kensicki on April 30, 2010 at 7:32 am

As the national rate for cesarean sections goes up for pregnant women, locally those numbers are decreasing.

According to Director of Genesis Women’s and Children’s Services Melissa Montgomery, Muskingum County’s numbers sit slightly lower than the state and national levels.

"Our rates here in Muskingum County are actually going down a little bit," said Montgomery. "This time last year we were right around 44% and we’re down to 38%. It’s nothing to brag about, but it is less than it was last year."

According to Montgomery, the numbers have fluctuated over the years as physicians have encouraged women to go with c-sections or the traditional method. Now,  mothers have more to consider when starting a family.

"Our mothers are older now," she said. "They’re starting their families much later in life. The older the woman is, the more at risk she is during her pregnancy. Obviously that puts her more at risk for c-section."

Montgomery said women may choose c-sections because they like to plan their delivery. And many times, those who have already had them are familiar with the procedure.

She said for first time mothers, the thought of giving birth the traditional way can be terrifying.