City Council Discusses Bonds

by Emily Baird on April 26, 2010 at 8:44 am

The city of Zanesville will not be purchasing bonds to pay for improvements to Secrest Auditorium.

City council defeated the motion by a narrow margin. Andrew Roberts was one of the councilmen who voted against the measure.

"In the financial situation that we’re in right now, I didn’t see it fitting that we spend additional moneys for some of those things, " says Roberts.

Mayor Howard Zwelling didn’t agree with the decision but failed to comment on the issue.

Nonetheless, city council did approve the passage of obtaining bonds to pay for repair and improvements on Sixth Street and the State Street bridge.

"That is a major improvement that is enjoyed by all the residents in Zanesville, " says Roberts.

Local residents also need to be aware of a new traffic pattern on McIntire Avenue. Council members voted to not have parking on the road between Findley and Sunset Avenues. Safety Director, Robert Branford, says it will help drivers be able to see better when they turn on and off the road and into the Post Office.