Nichole Hannahs

City Encourages Recyling

by Nichole Hannahs on April 24, 2010 at 4:18 am

At Saturday’s Earth Day on the River in Zanesville was the City of Zanesville Litter and Recycling Office.

The office encourages every resident to do their part in helping the environment by recycling, which is as easy as calling the sanitation office for blue bags, filling them with recyclable and setting them four feet from trashcans on pick up days. Recycling cuts down on trash in landfills.

"The more we can preserve landfills the better off we are," said Matt Phillips director of litter prevention and recycling in the City of Zanesville. "We don’t want to swim in our trash one of these days. So really recycling is taking these things and reusing them and giving them a second, third, fourth life, so why not do it. Why not give it that life?"

Items recycled from the city go to the county recycling center.

"They process it, bail it and sell it to manufacturers, paper products go back to the paper mills to make new newspaper and office paper, aluminum cans go back to aluminum manufacturers remelted just as they are to make new cans. Same with steel," said Phillips.

Phillips also said to make the most out of your blue recycling bags crush all cans and bulky plastic containers before putting them into the bag.