Cosmetology Students Compete in State Competition

by Ashley Drane on April 23, 2010 at 9:04 am

Two cosmetology students from the Mid-East Career and Technology Center are in a state competition tomorrow. The problem is they’re best friends and only one can win. WHIZ’s Ashley Drane has the story.

Seniors Cheyenne Matz and Shala Wallace are no strangers to competition. They had to compete locally and regionally to qualify.
Tomorrow they’re going to Columbus to go head to head for the one national spot. The two have been taking turns winning.

"She just worked really really hard so she ended up getting first and I got second," Wallace said.

They both agree it’s weird competing against each other.

"She’s pretty much my best friend so it’s kinda different competing with someone your really close to but it’s a lot of fun and I’m happy she’s going to be there with me," Matz said.

The girls’ cosmetology teacher at Mid-East Lenny Rosser says they both have a chance.

"In my mind the two that are in cosmetology should definitely be in the top five and I’ve already spoke to both of them and said they both have a chance i believe that you could take first place." Rosser said.

But the competition isn’t going to be easy. The girls have to do a formal hair style, a hair cut, take a test, but the worst part is the surprise haircut.

"We don’t know what haircut we have to do," Matz said.

Cheyenne says they give them piece of paper with a hairstyle on it. They study it for a couple minutes give the paper back and start cutting.

"It’s really hard when judges are breathing down your neck and looking at your every move so yeah especially for a competition everything has to be perfect," Wallace said.

The girls agree no matter what they will support each other.

"I will be nothing but proud of her because she is my best friend. Of course I want it but if I don’t get it I’d rather see her get it," Wallace said.