Enforcing Booster Seat Law

by Emily Baird on April 5, 2010 at 6:11 am

Starting Wednesday, local authorities can pull you over if your child is not in a booster seat.

Ohio’s Child Passenger Safety Law requires that every child must be put in a booster seat if they are under the age of eight or if they are smaller than 4’9".

The law, which become effective last October, was put in place as a safety measure.

"A child, in a car wreck, can have multiple injuries, can have multiple broken bones. These seats will save your child from having that happen to them, " says Carr Center toddler session leader, Connie Nawsom.

Seating in vehicles is typically designed for adults, so seatbelts won’t fit children properly if they aren’t in a booster seat. There are different booster seats out there designed for different ages and heights.

"You want to check your vehicle owners manual and the car seat manual itself. You want to compare those two to make sure that seat is compatible with your car, " says Nawsom.

To find out if you are installing your booster seat correctly in your car, contact the Carr Center at 740-453-5417.